PSAV Location Finder

The Problem: Hard-to-Find PSAV Locations During the discovery phase with PSAV, I noticed that they lacked a few key components that any big company with multiple locations has: a store locator on the website and local listings on Google Maps. So when customers directly told PSAV leadership, “I just want to know where to find you” […]

Saybrook University

Saybrook was perhaps the most massive undertaking to date for myself in terms of digital projects, but I lead a knowledgeable and capable team and we stuck to our plan. Some of the many challenges included staying true to Saybrook’s unique brand, taming its complicated site architecture (5000 pages when we started the project), and […]

The Chicago School

After monitoring less than ideal user engagement on the homepage (originally launched 12-20-2015), we set designing a new home page with the chief goal of improving engagement and driving traffic to our cornerstone content areas. Check out the deck presented to school leadership. This is the original homepage circa 2003: This is the homepage (3rd […]

Pacific Oaks College website rebuild

Check out the finished product (launched 2/1/2017) Website Rebuild involving intensive brand discovery, qualitative/quantitative research and user-behavior analytics, and development adhering to WCAG AA 2.0 standards of web accessibility (certified from WebAIM). Glance at some of the research/planning that went into this project: Take a look at how we measured site performance post-launch using a variety […]