Saybrook University

Saybrook was perhaps the most massive undertaking to date for myself in terms of digital projects, but I lead a knowledgeable and capable team and we stuck to our plan. Some of the many challenges included staying true to Saybrook’s unique brand, taming its complicated site architecture (5000 pages when we started the project), and migrating from Drupal to WordPress. Amazingly (though not surprising to me), we succeeded, met our launch date, and were well under budget. Check out the new website. (launched 2-17-2016)

Additional information:

See the creative pitch.

Post-launch KPIs (all data samples last measured on 4-14-2017):

  • Inquiries are up 2.5% YOY
  • New sessions are up by 11% since launch
  • Website users overall are up by 70% since launch
  • Millennial traffic on website has increased by 6% since launch
  • Gen Y traffic increased by 3% since launch
  • 78-132% increase range among all international traffic channels since launch
  • Mobile sessions increased by 170%, New mobile users increased by 181% (since launch)

See the raw data: