PSAV Location Finder

The Problem: Hard-to-Find PSAV Locations

During the discovery phase with PSAV, I noticed that they lacked a few key components that any big company with multiple locations has: a store locator on the website and local listings on Google Maps.

So when customers directly told PSAV leadership, “I just want to know where to find you” and “I have a multi-city event. I want to use you but you’re not making it easy,” we had all the feedback we needed.

The Challenges: Disparate, Messy Data

The CRM should have a nice, tidy, updated list of all open venue locations for me to work with, right? Along with accurate contact information? Oh, Miles, sweet, sweet Miles. On top of this, other departments were already working on their own version of a master data source. Most were in various stages of development, and there was no guarantee they would be completed in a timely fashion (if ever), nor if they would contain what I needed. To this end, my team’s efforts were met with a lot of sneers and dead ends.

The Process: Collaboration, Combination

I spent the first two to three months foraging for the best and mostly correct data sets to clean up and join together. While pivoting between three monitors full of spreadsheets and coordinates, I worked with our design team to start wireframing how this tool could come together and how the best customer experience would look.

We quickly realized that with so many locations, so much constant flux, it had to be a CMS that could be easily and readily maintained—by the field teams at the venues themselves, not an admin or web editor.

The Result: A Popular, Easy-to-Use Location Finder

  • Location Finder v1.0 launched successfully and on schedule, March 28, 2018. Since then, it has become one of the most highly-trafficked and utilized features of the website, internally and externally.
  • Version 2.0 (released May 2018) introduced a new, trackable lead generation channel by connecting customers directly with the venues.
    • The Location Finder opened up a completely new channel for customers to get in touch with our locations. In its first three months, leads generated by the Location Finder contributed to a 50% YOY overall lead volume increase for the month of October. (Location Finder leads in green)

Update: March 2019

The Location Finder continues to be a dominant source of lead generation for the client’s website, contributing to major YOY growth:

(Location Finder leads in green)

Check it out: PSAV Location Finder