Saybrook University

roles & responsibilities: development, database refinement, project management, account management
Outcomes: increased lead generation and site traffic, improved brand awareness

The Saybrook project was perhaps the most extensive digital endeavor I had ever undertaken, but with a knowledgeable and capable team, we set out to achieve something remarkable. Our goal was to build a brand-new website that not only aligned with Saybrook’s unique brand identity but also transformed its complex web architecture. With over 5,000 pages to restructure and migrate from Drupal to WordPress, this was no small feat.

Staying True to the Brand

From the outset, we understood the importance of maintaining Saybrook’s distinct branding. This required a meticulous design process to ensure that the new website felt familiar yet refreshed. Every visual element, from color schemes to typography and layouts, was thoughtfully crafted to convey the organization’s values while offering a more seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Simplifying the Architecture

A key challenge was taming the site’s intricate architecture. With thousands of pages, organizing and streamlining the site demanded careful planning and collaboration across teams. We thoroughly audited the old structure and developed a new, logical framework that would be more intuitive for users to navigate.

Migrating Platforms: Drupal to WordPress

The switch from Drupal to WordPress required not just technical expertise but also careful data management to ensure that existing content would be successfully preserved. Our team set clear milestones, rigorously tested our migration tools, and stayed agile, adapting our approach based on continuous feedback and analysis. This allowed us to meet our ambitious launch deadline and come in well under budget.

Success and Growth Post-Launch

Amazingly (though not surprisingly), we succeeded in meeting our February 17, 2016, launch date with a polished product. The revamped website marked the beginning of a new digital era for the organization, bringing impressive growth:

  • Inquiries: Up by 2.5% year over year.
  • New Sessions: Increased by 11% since launch.
  • Overall Users: Surged by 70% since launch.
  • International Traffic: Grew by 78-132% across all channels.
  • Mobile Sessions: Increased by 170%, and new mobile users increased by 181%.

Looking Forward

The post-launch metrics, last measured on April 14, 2017, clearly demonstrate the impact of our efforts. The growth in international traffic and the substantial rise in mobile sessions reflect our success in making the site more accessible and engaging. By sticking to our plan and leveraging our team’s diverse skill sets, we turned this ambitious vision into a reality. Explore the new today and see the creative pitch that made it all possible!