Hello, my name is Miles.

I live in Chicago’s northwest suburbs, where I mostly take pictures of my dogs, ride motorcycles, and annoy my lovely wife.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with ad agencies, manufacturing, B2B SaaS and higher education industries focusing on SEO, paid media and web development projects.

In that time, I led teams of writers, designers, account managers, analysts and launched on-time and under budget. I managed ad campaigns, pushed buttons and pulled levers that filled pipelines and put butts in seats.

I have a less buzzword-filled background in graphic design, photography, and video production – but it comes in handy.

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Web Projects

I’ve had the privilege of working with many wonderful and talented people on dozens of website builds over the years.

Here are a select few that I am most proud of.

Honors & Awards

  • Global Ambassador Award
    • TCS Education System
  • Creative Achievement Award
    • Department of Communication, Northern Illinois University
  • Outstanding New Professional – Nominee
    • Division of Student Affairs, Northern Illinois University
  • Diversity & Equity Award
    • Office of Diversity & Equity, Northern Illinois University
  • Top Contributor
    • Information Technology Services, Northern Illinois University
  • Most Responsive Technician
    • Information Technology Services, Northern Illinois University

Published Work

I’ve had the honor of seeing my work printed in textbooks and on magazine covers and billboards from San Diego to South Africa.


Photography started as a teenage hobby for me that turned into a freelance gig doing photos for local metal bands. This built a portfolio of work that led to my first full-time marketing position as a university photographer.

Since then I’ve started shooting weddings, concerts, models, families, landscapes, corporate headshots, and even a few natural disasters.