Art and Alma’s Century Inn

A Historic Steakhouse’s Legacy

roles & responsibilities: Web Design & development, Photography, project management, account management

Outcomes: Increased Sales, YoY increase in 5 Star Reviews, Improved Brand Awareness

Nestled in the Chicago suburbs, the Century Inn was an award-winning steakhouse that stood the test of time for over 110 years. Known for its packed weekend dinner crowds and rich history, the restaurant became a beloved staple in its community. Despite enduring Prohibition, riots, and even a structure fire, the Inn never shut its doors.

In June 2017, the Century Inn relaunched its website to provide a refreshed online presence that better matched the restaurant’s storied legacy. The new site offered not just a revamped look and feel but also updated the menu for customers old and new. This strategic digital overhaul proved successful, consistently driving year-over-year growth in web traffic. The improved website helped more potential diners discover the inn’s offerings, leading many to explore the menu, call for reservations, and seek directions.

Unfortunately, despite its resilience, the Century Inn succumbed to the challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and closed its doors for good in 2021. Its legacy, however, lives on, commemorating a century-long tradition of fine dining and unwavering dedication to quality. The digital transformation of its website remains a testament to its adaptability and the importance of a strong online presence.

The 2017 version of the site is still viewable on archive. org.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have spent countless treasured hours within its historic walls, savoring the exquisite architecture and delightful cuisine.