Video Production

Saybrook University promotion

As I went about rebuilding the website, it became apparent to me that their unique personality was in desperate need of a video that could really communicate who they are – something that a website simply could not do in great depth in such a short amount of time. I set about enlisting the help of their brand champions and the studio of Guy Bauer Productions. Then, over the course of about 12 months, we travelled on location throughout the US as we recorded and interviewed the wonderful Saybrook students and faculty, capturing the essence of this school of misfits.

Work performed: concepting, directing, budgeting, screenwriting, casting

  1. University promo video
  2. Dr. Kelly Hudson

NIU Student Affairs promotion

Victor E. & Me started as an idea I had for a parody of an online dating commercial featuring the NIU mascot and a student. I archived the idea until I was placed on a committee charged with the broad idea of promoting the non-academic services of the university. I mentioned the idea as a joke, but my team and I quickly realized the idea lent itself to the very real parallel between dating and getting involved on a college campus. Victor E. & Me was born. 2010-2011.

Work performed: concepting, directing, screenwriting, casting.

  1. Victor E. & Rick
  2. Victor E. & Jasmine
  3. Victor E. & Jen