If I had to put it into words:

I love using data to solve problems.

Measuring and analyzing web traffic, cleaning up data sources in order to build a better web experience, tagging and verifying lead data in CRM, measuring the pH and nutrient density of my garden soil; it’s all my wheelhouse.

Website performance and analytics pro, optimization analyst, digital marketer, and expert in almost all things digital – including web design/development, analysis & reporting, content management, information architecture, user experience, user testing, behavior analysis, SEO, lead generation and qualification, video production, & product/portrait photography.

I have spent the last decade honing the trifecta of marketing skills: design, development and strategy.

From website development and optimization to videography and photography, I’m a jack-of-all-trades and master of most, with experience in higher education, B2B and retail. But, having perused my portfolio, you already knew that.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Communication Media from Northern Illinois University and live in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with my lovely wife and troublesome cats.